Garage of Evil!!

Flashback - The original GoE site

From the internet archives, a partial capture of the original GoE site. 

This is from 2008. Being small potatoes our 2004 captures didn't get picked up by the Wayback Machine.

A GoE Tattoo?

Our own Evil Queen, yep she got a GoE tattoo years ago. Sorry Jen, but we're gonna need to peel that off your calf now..


Pass the rum

Yes, the GoE is closing. I've added some more thoughts beyond the initial email to my blog below. 

We will no doubt be arranging some type to "Farewell", and I'll keep everyone informed once the timings for shutdown and such are better sorted out.


As we wind down the GoE in preparation for closing - I present "Not So (But Maybe Also) Great Moments in GoE History"

Our long term members will remember the time Geoff and I got in trouble for not respecting the rights of dead hookers on Hauntcast.

Thank you to Chris Baker for sending this over to me. Chris and I had our differences over the early years, but not a lot of folks know we always remained in touch and we've had more than a few laughs over "haunter drama", and our own stupid dramas in years past. Thanks for this Chris.


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