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Profile IconMichelle J Springer, Tracy, Rachel Raucher and 2 more joined Garage of Evil!!
4 hours ago
Rob posted a status
"Cemetery fence: done! Audio: done! Lighting: ~95%. VERY productive haunt build day!"
4 hours ago
PsychoBilly posted a status
"Digging Graves!!!!!!"
5 hours ago
Rob posted a status
"Yard haunters, what's the first thing you set up? Me? Main haunt audio. That way I can play some suitable music during the setup."
8 hours ago
beadyeyedbrat added a discussion to the group Papier Mache Etc.

Beginning of a Demon

So you take your basic foam wig head, add cardboard here and there to build up the face, make horns and attach.The horns are made of concentric rings hot glued and masking taped together. Three layers of newspaper were mache-d on and let dry. A cut up half of tp tube went into the chin. Nose is more cardboard. Cheeks are layers of…See More
Profile IconNita Wuest, marissa, Mike and 12 more joined Garage of Evil!!
Woodsy posted a discussion

REPAIR HELP ! Spirit Ghost Girl

I am looking for help from anybody who may have this prop already. I was given one for free and it has two issues that I am sure are related. First it does not rise to full height OR at all. Second the HEAD does not retract/rise up either. It does light up and sream and the fans work. If someone can confirm for me the following :Complete height when fully extendedDoes the HEAD get PUSHED up from below the chin.Has anybody looked INSIDE at the works.Thanks in advance.…See More
mark ballard posted a video

Black Swamp Cemetery 2014

Well, it's finally done. Turned out better than last year I think.
Rob posted a status
"Holy crap! One week to go!!"
Rob posted a status
"8 screws and two wire connections left, then the garage is go! Now to bed. I have to get up for work in 5 hours."
Rob posted a status
"The garage is a bit behind schedule, but it's very nearly ready to go. Just need to hook Harry up and out the stop panel in place."
Granges Grim Ghouls posted a photo
Nelson Everhart posted a discussion

Pneumatic Crypt Creature

Ran across Maurice Cedeno's original Crypt Creature in September's Nuts and Volts Magazine and thought it was brilliant.  I decided I'd like to try it as a pneumatic prop, and this is the result! Arduino is controlling the solenoid, sound, and DMX lights.  It'll fire the sequence every minute unless I trigger it early by pressing a button on a keyfob (also controls my Coffin…See More
Nelson Everhart posted a video


My pneumatic version of Maurice Cedeno's Crypt Creature. I'm using a custom Arduino controller for the solenoid, sound and DMX lights, triggered via a RF key...
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The Garage of Evil Member Workshop

A group dedicated to keeping GoE Workshop members updated on the shop schedule, events, and general news.See More
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Back in my day, when you wanted to learn how to make haunt stuff, you subscribed to email lists, and sat through reflecting java pools and midi music on GeoCity sites. You would tie an onion to your belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to make an FCG cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. Give me five bees for a quarter, you'd say...

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Tarzan burchell posted photos
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Profile IconGarage of Evil via Facebook

Last weekend was a busy one for us. I think I'm still sore. Two box truck loads later, we had some 35+ flats/pieces unloaded at the house. By Sunday night it was all built. Currently we're moving in set pieces and "plussing" up the two rooms, running lighting, programming the controllers for triggered scares and working on sound. We've pulled off everything from raw material to nearly done in less than three weeks (and I get pretty cranky when grunt work gets…

See More
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Rev. Noch posted photos




A time will come, when I proofread all my posts to 7500+ haunters. This is not that day. Welcome, to the Garage of Evil.

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