Garage of Evil!!

We've got this nice screenhouse/gazebo in the yard. Taking it down for Halloween isn't a practical option, so I'm trying to decide how to work with or around it.


And so I seek the advice of the Great Haunt Brain.


Our gazebo is similar to this:


The screen curtains are easily removable.


My haunt is a sorta 19th century-ish New England cemetery.  So, how would you either incorporate it or hide it?


The most obvious idea I had was a mausoleum, but my shed already plays that role. Another idea is to somehow hide it under camo netting or jute and try to make one of those hillside family tombs.


Any other thoughts, suggerstions and ideas are much appreciated.

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Make it a viewing with a casket and a not fully dead body, with black curtains, candles etc.
Hmmm... not a bad idea. That, I think I could make work!
That is totally where the munks are casting down the demons and splashing holy water at the possessed!

first off are you going to have a path run in front of it so people will pass by it as the walk through your display or does it sit in the middle of your display ????



If people are going to be passing by it i think what i would do is take the curtains down. build some partian walls to the hight of each opening in the structure and close in 3 sides.. then inside the structure set up a crypt display, you can make some fencing to close off the entrance if you dont want people to go inside..


also if you put up partian walls to close off 3 sides they will make a good foundation to dress up the out side to look like a crypt as well.

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