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IR Light Barrier (IR Breakbeam kit), prop-controller trigger hack - revisited

I finally got around to typing up a how-to, THEN search the GoE site and find other references to the same breakbeam kit......

& )

But, I'm still going to post my initial hack setup for this kit.

The kit was easy to assemble, I had both boards soldered up in no time, I also left out the buzzer component, and was going to use this for the relay mount location - using the 12v supply for the relay coil and mounting a 2-pin header to make connecting to a prop controller nice and easy.


Trying to rush through this hack at my desk at work, realized I didn't have my pin vice to drill out the holes, or the ground-down screwdriver blade I normally use to 'modify' PB traces. But, not caring how neat it looked (ie - 'beta'), my Leatherman knife blade managed to 'drill' out new mounting holes for a 12v relay and a 2-pin header.

Checking the buzzer's PB terminals with a multi-meter, my kit appeared to have just shy of 12v (11.89v, I believe it was) across the terminals when powered with a 9-volt battery. I found some extra 12v relays from some other unfinished projects that I could use, and after figuring out what I wanted to modify for the relay's traces, I chipped, scratched, and hacked away the unwanted copper (hey, this 'was' called a Hack for a from the underside of the board.

I soldered the relay and header pins in place, then made some solder bridges to connect the newly hand-carved traces.



 I attached jumpers from the header pins to my picaxe trigger, and got that perfect relay 'click' each hand wave that broke the beam..... Success !!

The other 3 kits will get a little neater work done on the relay mount & trace modifying.

Simple project, the kits cost me $7.90 ea at 'you-do-it-electronics' (just happens to be a stone's throw from my office), 12v relays should be around a buck or two. The kits are working up to just under 3' apart, but that is under a florescent light wash in the office. I also still have to come up with a mount to get it protected from weather (project box or hunk of 2" or 2 1/2" PVC, etc). But definitely worth the $ and small amount of labor to get out from under the PIR dark shadow.

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Huh. I really need to take a trot down 128 some night after work and hit You-do-it. Keep meaning to, but never get around to it.
Very cool. I love using the relay for our non controller nerd types!
Thanks.  I was trying to do the same thing but couldn't get the relay to work.

Maybe we should let Velleman know that they need to add a relay option, great hack, put a tube over the sensor and led to add some range. Ray

We made 7 last year and had limited results they were fairly good in 2 foot wide hallways but they failed in the 4 foot hallways. They are also a little touchy to impact sensitive I droped one reciever and it died I also lost one to a patron really hitting a wall. We will be using pressure matts and actor ops this year.

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