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Nuts and Volts Magazine Halloween Special Edition!


This is Vern Graner, creator of the haunt and all around Halloween lovin' dude. :) I used to participate on a lot of forums - not really sure if I was on this particular one but if so, it was back in like 2009!

Back then I used to write a monthly column for Nuts and Volts magazine where I was able to feature some spooky tech. In fact, they even gave me the cover story a couple of times. Here's some quick examples:

The Dungeonkeeper

The Prop Dropper

The Talking Skull Kit

Which brings me to why I'm posting here. I have recently taken a job as V.P. of Operations for T&L Publications - the company that Produces Nuts & Volts and SERVO magazine. At one of our first planning meetings, I managed to convince them to do a special expanded Halloween Projects issue!

Subsequently, I am now trying find folks to feature and show off their best/coolest/scariest electronic/animatronic projects for the magazine. :)
Please feel free to contact me directly or, if the members deem it appropriate, maybe we can have a short on-topic discussion about what *you* would like to see in a Halloween issue of an electronics/robotics Magazine with a sharp focus on technology?
Vern (creator of Spiders Preyground  haunt )
Vern Graner
V.P. of Operations, T & L Publications, Inc.
Nuts & Volts / SERVO magazine

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Seems you came to the right place, it's all about the haunt here! I like to see the big productions and behind the scenes stuff, but what I really would like is detailed projects to show new haunters that they can do some amazing things with animatronics with no background in electronics.

Vern . Always great to get new advise. I am a newbie in this area but would love to see what you come up with. I would also suggest you stop at another site that has a huge following and see what you can stir up. Its at  Halloween Forum

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