Garage of Evil!!

So this years theme is Old West Saloon. I'm creating foam panels, which have already been carved. I'm opting for a wood stain on top as opposed to latex paint, to give it a richer wood look. I will spray with polyurathane. The foam panels will be held up by a pvc framework behind them. I can't decide whether to velcro them to the frame (afraid the foam will break when removed) or to use elbow joints as hooks. The middle saloon doors will be open, and a separate framework will be used for the projection of a gunslinger. I found that the duck window treatment works great for projection and is crystal clear.


Time permitting, i would like to build a gravedigger for the outside graveyard as well. There will be projections in the upstairs windows, as well as a rocking granny in the doorway. Any suggestions on this theme are welcome!

side panels, roof panels, and saloon door panels

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I had considered the old west theme myself. One idea I had was to build a piano out of plywood and using Shiatsu/ground breaker methods have a skeleton "playing" it.

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