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My wife and I usually do a grave yard set up and this year we are going to do something different. I need thoughts on the best way to get free standing walls to stay up safe. We are looking at about 8'hight and 4'wide with 3 or 4 across. Looking to do something Warehouse style. We have thoughts but wanted to run it by the group to see what help can come back.

Thanks and can't wait to hear from you all.



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Hey Don, I've been setting up haunts at campgrounds for over 12yrs and the wind can be brutal. I can only suggest nylon tent lines @ 45degrees to the corners, try not to use purely solid walls, windows, doorways and such (somewhere for the wind to pass thru). Roofs will be the worst, there are tie-downs made for camper awnings that will help, so check them out.


Thanks for the input. Yes, wind killed us two years in a row with the graveyard and hearse. I will look into those.

Thanks again.

Hey Don, when I built my walls, I used 1X2s to stud out the plywood façade (like you do for a home partition). drilled some holes in the bottom plate and used some really large nails from the hardware store to stake them down. Helped to keep the wind from pushing the walls out of position. Anything made from material like curtains and such, were stiffened on the back and glued to a thin plywood cut to how I wanted them to hang, folds and all. Looked natural but didn't blow around. Hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck.

Donald:  If this is something you think you will do over and over - You might invest in portable carports.  I started with two and now have 6 including a 20 by 40ft one.  The advantage is that you can hang support wire from the cross pieces and configure walls, rooms etc with 6 by whatever length tarps and cover with scene setters.  I have had many comments about how good the quality on the haunt that is totally removable.  I can share some pictures if you are interested.  Be careful:  this gets addictive!

Hello Marvin and Thanks, like the idea and would love to see pics. 

I would love to use your idea Marvin...can u please send me pics to my so m7ch..

Donald, We change our haunt theme every year. Last year we had a 20 foot pirate ship in our yard. But the real key is to using props we already have to change things up. We used our yard dummies with different costumes each year. One year they were stigian witches, the next year mummies and the next zombies. We have a free standing wall made of old sheets that are dyed grey. We use a staple gun to keep the sheets on 2x2's in the ground. Small slits let wind through but keep the back "suprise" area hidden from the entrance. You can also use the old staple, Black plastic. But we have found the old sheets last longer and are less likely to tear if the wind picks up.


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