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Hi all, I just added an Event for the marathon weekend currently scheduled for Saturday and Sunday over Memorial Day weekend, May 24-25.  I will host this time.  Let's hear everyone's ideas of what to build, and decide on a few things.

I just made a grave grabber yesterday with a shiatsu. I think it turned out well.  we could do that.

Also, things I would like to make in the future include,

Flying crank ghost

tombstone peeper

Another tombstone that incorporates a statue


So, get your ideas out there and lets hear them.

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I'd like to do this too.

Reaper Tombstone

Susan, your are more than welcome to join our little group.  We have members with a vast array of knowledge. What we have typically done on the Marathon weekend is one larger prop, and a couple of smaller props, or demos. Last year we made a large tombstone, potion bottles, and had a demo of mold and casting by one of the members. We were going to do 3 axis skulls, but the kits did not arrive on time.  We made those later in the year.  Please go to the event under upcoming events and rsvp if you haven't already.

Welcome, and I look forward to meeting you. And here is one photo of the reaper I was speaking of.

I like the columns idea and if there is a easy way to make the tombstone with the statue, I am all in.

Rob could you transport something like columns home realistically?  Just for clarification, when you say statue tombstone, are you talking about the reaper above, or a more traditional tombstone which incorporates a statue? I see them as two separate things.

Hey Lori... I just noticed that you live right up the street from us! We live off of Arapahoe and Holly :)

Yes, a stones throw away. LOL. I hope you make it to the MNT. It's great to meet other haunters!

Hey all, I am leaning towards a tombstone with statue, not the traditional style, but more on the lines of this, 

The ones I'm thinking will incorporate the round concrete tubes with a squarish base.  With that being said, everyone who wants to build one would need to supply a statute of their choosing.  Rite Aid has its garden decor on sale now, and I recently bought this at 50% off.  It cost me $9.99, and is solar activated. The orb lights at night. It is almost 12 inches tall.  They had larger ones, but I liked the light up feature of this one.

I also have found several of these crosses from goodwill, savers, ARC etc.

Along with other resin angles.  You could even use a broken statue, an urn, a flower vase, whatever your mind can conceive.  I also bought two gargoyles for 50% off at Rite Aid.  Big Lots is also a great place to look.  Happy hunter haunters.  Once I get a prototype designed, I will have a better idea of the price for everyone.

I like the reaper tombstone a lot better. I really want to make some mini led spotlights, and power supply boxes for them. That's the one project I absolutely must build this year. (And also finally getting software and putting my talking skull to use).

Lori, those are great finds!!! I may be out shopping today.. That's why I love this forum! :) 

Dave, the reaper is cool, but I think we have limited time to get that one done.  I don't have monster mud knowledge, nor experience working with chicken wire.  Maybe we can plan that one for a later time.  I really like it too.  We could need someone to come up with a plan and act as lead on that project.  The group did spots sometime before I joined, and I know Other Dave made a bunch this past year.  Maybe someone can give you pointers or offer to teach a new class.

Thanks Susan. I can't wait to see what you find.

I have to make this this year. Anybody else interested in making a simple pneumatic prop? Anybody able to lead something like this?


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