Garage of Evil!!

Let's get together for a MNT in May.  I will host.

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Sounds good to me! I'd be interested.

At this time I am in. My Dad will move at some point, dont know when, But I will accommodate.

I'm in. we have had a few ideas posted. I'll re-post mine since not all are on FB


YAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!! Count me in!!!

I am THERE!!!

I'm in. I miss hanging out with you people and building stuff. I like that crypt idea. Those other huge reapers that were kicked around last year would be awesome too.

Do we want to do a marathon weekend with more than one project, or just one project for now?  I like the crypt too.

I know I sound like a broken record at this point… but MINI LED SPOTLIGHTS!!! They're the only thing I "NEED" as apposed to "want".
Marathon weekend!!! We have a lot of hanging out to do for all the time we've been away! I miss you guys!
So, what's the crypt idea? Or the giant reapers? They both sound great!

I'd be interested, but I'm from CO Springs. What day in May are you thinking of?


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