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Madeja look. neener

I'm going to try to turn this into an as-I-go pictorial. There will be gaps, so ask if you have a question, k?

Here is the head, formed over a mannequin head, removed and splicing it back together.


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Before I taped it back up, I taped in two $ store eyeballs backwards then stripped over them. A piece of cardboard was folded in half, but behind the mouth, then stripped over. Once it was dry, the head was taped then stripped to cover the seam.

DD put together a pedestal for me made of a box with overhanging pieces of cardboard. It was stripped, an empty bean can taped on, stripped over the whole thing again and let dry. Yes, it's off-kilter, (the picture) it's not you. To dry it was placed over a vase so all sides would dry at once.

If I haven't said it yet, thank you to Stolloween for your Haunted Bust pictorial at

A paper towel tube was stripped, then hot glued inside the center of the can. We realized that the head was going to be a bit big and were afraid the bust would tilt forward, so I added some weight. Hot glue was dripped into the tube, then some aquarium rock left over from another project was poured into the tube to within about 2" of the top. A little more hot glue and a wad of paper went into the glue. I plan to seal this up with mache.

Here are all the pieces so far. Putting them up against each other, checking for fit. The bust has not been attached to the base yet. I cut a starburst in the center of the bust "shoulders" and slid it over the tube, then taped up.

Strips of toilet paper roll were cut for ribs and taped on. You can see that the pieces were taped together but the tape was again not sticking, so the bust and pedestal are hot glued together.

After this, I added a sternum and a set of ribs above these. Sorry, no pics of that, but here it is after a layer of strips were added.

I draped this newspaper insert over the bust and made a vest pattern.

My cardboard stash was running low and these were all the pieces left to work with. I had to hope I could piece something together from them. Luckily I was able to arrange the template over the hole in the middle and get it in one piece

Here is the chest with all the ribs and sternum and a layer of pulp over them.

I had a little left in the bowl so put it up top to soften the hard edge of the cardboard.

Everything is drying now, August 11, 2014. While I'm waiting, I have a pinata to make for my GS's 9th bday. Ciao!

Sorry, this one is out of sequence.

The chest was made with a box of crackers and taped. Tape didn't stick so used hot glue.

A piece of cardboard was added to either end then stripped over.

Everything was stripped after this to make it one unit.

The ribs and the back have been pulped and are drying.

You can see how the top was covered with pulp to keep the rocks in.

The head has a layer of snot rag mache. It fell forward so the left eyebrow got smooshed. That will be fixed as soon as the picture is posted.

We decided that the bottom was too thin so we hot glued another piece of cardboard to it and clamped it while it cooled.


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