Garage of Evil!!

A friend brought by an old bird cage to see what I could do with it.

I tried painting the cage with oogly drippy colors, but it was too busy. the skellies got lost in all the colors.

There was no bottom to this cage, so I cut out a couple of large pieces of cardboard, taped them together and mache'd over them. I cut little strips of paper and mached them in between the bars of the cage, then put pulp over them. In the middle is some wrinkled tissue paper. Still drying.

To be continued....

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My birdcage houses my SCARY Bats on Halloween. I leave the bottom off so my bats could fly out, put black plastic bag on three sides so kids can see in on one side. Hang on display with little spot light.

Got pictures Haunt Dog?

My bat cage complete with bats.. I has a small spot light on it Halloween. Keep it up by the front door..

Just a few things left to do.

Awesome Haunt Dog!


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