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Post your pics of WIPs and finished projects!

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This will be a rock that will hold a power supply. It's made out of insulation foam. Haven't decided yet whether to spray with spray paint and let it "eat" the foam for a more rock-like shape, or cover it with pm and paint as usual. Thoughts?

I used a tissue blade to cut the foam and Woodland Scenics brand Foam Tack Glue to glue it together. It's being weighted with a large glass vase.


Shrug is currently an employee in training:

Awaiting touch-up and Varathane.

This is the finished papier-mâché heart from a Jell-O mold
Most excellent!
Headpiece for a stage play

Alien Face Hugger


Sorry - I should have added - This is a layer of newspaper & carpet glue and then a layer of heavy paper towels to "skin" it, which I find gives me a good chance to shape and good texture to paint.
I likes!
Love the double decker pumpkin!  Awesome!

beadyeyedbrat said:

Awaiting touch-up and Varathane.


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