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Comment by Michael Fowler on July 14, 2017 at 12:12am

This is an old glass negative I found at a flea market.  I placed it in a wooden frame and placed some white tissue paper behind it as a light diffuser.  I then built an A-frame out of black foam board behind the wooden frame.  The exact shape does not matter as long as it supports the wooden frame and provides enough space for a small light set.  Inside the A-frame I placed a mini led light set from the dollar store.  I went with purple but other colors would be fine.  I am sure in real life these two grannies were the sweetest things but displayed this way they looked like pure evil.  The picture did not photograph well but in real life it is nice and sharp.  Although the glass plate is small (5x7) it is a nice addition to a table or fireplace mantel in a haunted house.

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