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A-Z of Horror

Decided to continue my daily drawing routine, with a self created challenge called A-Z of Horrors. Keeping the fun going for another month.

A is Abomination.

B is for Beast.

C is for Corpse.

D is for Demonology.

E is for Entitiy.

F is for Freak.

G is for Gargoyle.

H is for Hellbound.

I is for Insidious.

J is for Jester.

K is for Krampus.

L is for Lycanthrope.

M is for Mutation.

N is for Nightmare.

O is for Owl.

P is for Phantasm.

Q is for Queen.

R is for Rougarou.

S is for Scream.

T is for Tentacle.

U is for Undertaker.

V is for Vampire.

W is for Wendigo.

X is for Xenomorph.

Y is for Yeti.

Z is for Zombie.

Drawlloween 2016

This October I had a great time participating in the 2016 Drawlloween Challenge where basically you do one drawing per day based on a calendar or prompt.

Nothing formal, just relaxing fun.

Here are my 31 drawings.

Day 2. Carnival Creeps

Day 3. Mummy Monday
Day 28. Ghosts-A-Go-Go.

Day 4. Tentacle Tuesday

Day 5. Better Gnomes & Goblins

Day 7. What Lies In The Mist?

Day 9. He's a Dummy, Doll.

Day 10. Demonday.

Day 12. I've Got A Hunchback.

Day 13. Thursday The Thirteenth.

Day 14. Scarecrow Row.

Day 17.  Mad Science Monday.

Day 16. Full Moon!

Day 18. Nosfera-Tuesday.

Day 19. Witchcraft Wednesday.

Day 20. Horses & Headless Men.

Day 22. Bat-urday.

Day23. Superstition Sunday.

Day 24. Mechanical Monstrosity.

Day 25. Entombed Tuesday.

Day 26. They Came From Outerspace!

Day 27. Call Of C'Thursday.

Day 29. Black Caturday.

Day 30. S,kulls & Skeletons.

Day 31. Trick "R" Treat.

Day 8. 8 Legs. 1,000 Eggs.

Day One. Return From The Dead.

Day15. Drive-In Creature Feature.

Day 21. Phantom Phriday.\

Day 11. Slimy Swamps, Foggy Bogs.

Day 6. Urban Legends.



Profile Information

The most important question! Do you build the elements that go into your haunt, and/or want to learn more about building props? Oh, and if you choose no, we're going to have to delete you.
How long have you been haunting:
Too long to mention!
Your haunt comprises...?
Your haunt - Do you prefer?
Spooky ambiance
Tell us a little about your haunt..
Yard Haunt
When it comes to props/decorations in your haunt, would you say you are:
A crafter that makes everything from scratch
Which statement comes closest to describing your haunt's attitude toward kids?
geared toward older kids with a certain amount of gore/scare



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Skull Replication (Papier Mache)

Posted on July 2, 2009 at 11:02am 2 Comments

This skull was an experiment in creating a prop by applying strip mache over an existing form. The skull also provided a chance to play around with different painting techniques by going beyond my typical dry brushing technique. The result is a fairly realistic skull that looks as if it has been removed from an ancient crypt. This is a great project for someone looking to try papier mache because it basically bypasses the artistic process and concentrates on the technical aspects of papier… Continue

The Sentinels (Papier Mache)

Posted on April 24, 2009 at 11:57am 0 Comments

Just finished a couple of new pieces for 2009, they were motivated by The Mad Lab which is a monthly Halloween prop building contest requiring contestants to create a prop using a specified object.

This months’ contest required the use of a plastic bucket, the kind used for household chores such as mopping. My concept was to use the bucket as the base for a pair of large skeletal “Angels of Death” type of statues that will be displayed at the entrance to my cemetery.

The… Continue

First Props of 2009

Posted on January 21, 2009 at 11:12am 4 Comments

The Character Tombstones were created using Dow Supertuff-R Polyisocynanurate Insulation Foam, recycled cardboard and homemade papier mache clay.

The results are something like my pumpkins, tree faces mixed and mashed with some Jim Henson and HR Puffnstuff.

The largest tombstone stands 3 ½ feet tall while the two smaller tombstones stand about 2 ½ feet tall.

The resulting pieces were fairly easy to create and will add a fun and unique element to our Halloween… Continue

Halloween 2008 Done and Packed Away

Posted on November 3, 2008 at 10:40am 0 Comments

The last traces of Halloween 2008 have been packed away, overall we had a fun and successful yard haunt this year. Our ToT was about average, maybe a little low, but the number of spectators increased tremendously. It has been a fun year of building props and after a much needed break I will start thinking about next year.

Thank you to all the GoE members for the support and encouragement over the last couple of months, it really pushed me to keep motivated and get everything done, I… Continue

Good Source For Tombstone Names

Posted on October 2, 2008 at 5:18pm 1 Comment

Rob's blog calling for creative help with tombstone names reminded me of this simple and effective method I use for coming up with names (words) to put on tombstones.

Use Latin words such as indomitus for fierce, formidinis for terror, mortis for death and so forth. They look great on tombstones and sound very ancient and evil. Don't know problem, use this English to Latin online translator to get whatever you want.

Granted you will probably be the only one that… Continue

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At 1:53pm on October 31, 2011, Greg Vaughn said…
Amazing work! Fills me with Halloween every time I see your craft!
At 4:03pm on September 2, 2009, Deann said…
Good ole' West Texas....baron land, but fairly good weather. I can't complain.
At 9:46pm on April 19, 2009, Paul Jameson said…
Scott has so much talent, he is a true master of his art.
At 1:26am on February 26, 2009, The Bloodshed Brothers said…
we just listened to you on hauntcast. great job. you have inspiered us to try out paper mache. keep up the awesome work. :)
At 8:24pm on November 26, 2008, PurpleDragonHeart said…
Just wanted to wish you a
Happy Thanksgiving!
May it be the best day ever!
At 7:17pm on November 19, 2008, beadyeyedbrat said…
Yo O Master of Papier Mache
At 1:17pm on November 18, 2008, Jekyll and Hyde said…
Just dropping by to say hey!
At 3:34pm on November 3, 2008, Deathstalker said…
You are a true artist I'm going to try several of your ideas!!
At 11:36pm on October 3, 2008, Chuck said…
I have a tree out in my yard that i want to add some teeth to it at its base it looks like a mouth and i think your methods would work the best. how would i go about making this solution that would dry hard to stick it on?
At 4:49pm on September 13, 2008, Ray and Carol said…
I love your pumpkins, and am trying to make one now, per your directions. Thanks so much for sharing!! I do plan to keep my finger though.

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