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MrBulldozer's Haunt 5-30 Vlog Mail & Building a HexaTree RGB Light

Check out this new RGB light from HolidayCoro It is a HexaTree I will have one of these on top of each of my columns

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Comment by Eric on August 25, 2013 at 10:58pm

Category A and B Ethernet, B standard (Starts with Orange White and Orange Solid) is best for business it has less interference then the A standard which is used for residential because the first two leads used as default in the phone line's are Green White and Green Solid. It can be used for both Ethernet or phone, Its actually a standard created by at&t.

Both should work in this case as long as both ends are the same on either side From my knowledge. Great video, If need some information on crimping your own cables and wire shoot me a message!


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