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  • GoE Laser Shooting Gallery

    GoE Laser Shooting Gallery

    Just mucking around during a lull at MHC with the laser shooting gallery Steve-O built for the boot… Rob Jun 18, 2011 100 views

  • PA285319

    PA285319 0:24

    Just a quick video of the FCG in place and in action. Not the best video, but you get the feel for… Rob Oct 29, 2008 75 views

  • First live test of the crypt.

    First live test of the crypt. 0:48

    Keep in mind the back wall will go in last on Friday, as it's my only easy access to the amps and s… Rob Oct 28, 2008 222 views

  • Testing Harry

    Testing Harry 0:37

    Full test of the Prop-1, VMusic2 and breakbeam trigger in Harry the skeleton. Rob Oct 3, 2008 102 views

  • Prop-1 breakbeam test

    Prop-1 breakbeam test 0:33

    Just a quick test of the breakbeam triggering audio playback for real instead of a flashing LED. Rob Sep 29, 2008 114 views

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