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5 World Legend Story and Myths From Around The World

5 World Legend Story and Myths From Around The World

legend story

World legend story tells us about the people of antiquity – heroes, gods, and mere mortals that reflect people’s sense of themselves and their place in the world. Also, the world legend story conveys primitive ideas about the nature of all things.

Eternal plots were born in myths and world legend stories, which are customized and rewritten by the literature and art of subsequent eras. Therefore, their knowledge opens up completely new horizons for the readers, teaches them to recognize familiar subjects, and interpret them in a new way.

Our selection of world legend stories and myths from different countries will help you refresh your memory of what you have read and forgotten, and kids will learn a lot of new things and go on an exciting journey into the world of antiquity.

Myths and World Legend Story from Around the World


These world legend stories and myths will tell you about the ancient gods, the exploits of heroes, ancient legends, and the customs of various peoples. Amazing World Legend story will come to life before your eyes. These stories will immerse you in the exciting world of ancient peoples, their legends, and their beliefs. So, let’s continue reading to know more about the stories of legends.

World Legend Story From Scandinavia: The Adventures of Thor


World Legend Story From Scandinavia

The Vikings, or Norsemen, left their impact on the British Isles, however, who directed them on their attacking and settling their journeys from Scandinavia in Europe? As per Norse mythology, numerous gods supervised and influenced the lives of the Norsemen.

They lived in a place that is now known as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. They were expert sailors and voyaged to establish settlements around the north Atlantic. Their sagas, or stories, are what is known as Norse mythology.

Thor, the son of Odin, familiar as a superhero, is the god of Thunder according to Norse mythology. Loki, Thor’s step-brother, is famous for his misconduct. Thor used to ride a chariot that gets pulled by goats, he fought giants and wielded a powerful hammer.

As soon as he swings his mighty hammer, he creates lightning and thunder. In the National Museum of Iceland, there is an ancient statue of Thor, named the Eyrarland Statue.

World Legend Story From Rome: Romulus and Remus


World Legend Story From Rome

This’s a world legend story about the discovery of Rome. There were Twin brothers, named Romulus & Remus. This twin was raised by a wolf. Romulus & Remus’s mother was Rhea Silvia who was the daughter of Numitor (the former king who had been replaced by his brother Amulius). Somehow, Rhea Silvia got pregnant when the god Mars (war god), visited her in a holy grove devoted to him.

However, King Amulius saw them as a threat and thus ordered them to kill the twin. Romulus and Remus were then abandoned by King Amulius’s people to die on the Tibel river bank. However, a she-wolf found them and nurtured them.

When the twin grew up there, Romulus built homes on Palatine Hill which turn into the city of Rome. This made the twin a legendary character and since children of gods are typical characters in mythology, such as Thor (the god of thunder) in Norse Mythology, Romulus & Remus are also mythical characters.

World Legend Story From Greece: The Oracle at Delphi


World Legend Story From Greece

In ancient times in Greece, on the town of Delphi’s slopes of Mt. Parnassus, there was a sacred temple dedicated to the god Apollo. There, within a holy chamber, Pythia, a priestess used to breathe in nice-smelling vapors originating from rock cracks.

These vapors used to send Pythia into a certain state of turmoil during which this priestess used to channel Apollo as well as speak nonsense. A priest then turned that nonsense into forecasts.

The communication of godly knowledge directly from god to humans is also understood as divination. It played a significant role in the religion of ancient Greek. Divination took numerous forms, starting from the sacrificial entrails study to the understanding of the bird flights.

However, probably the most significant form of divination was the procedure of consultation with a god via an intermediary (known as an oracle).

World Legend Story From India: Pattan’s Pumpkin


World Legend Story From India

Several cultures have legendary stories about a terrific flood. However, this story is from India (the southern part), and rather than using a boat or an ark, a farmer utilized an oversized pumpkin to save his animals and family from the continuously rising water due to the flood.

After the flood, the Pattan built a house beside the river as well as planted a seed from the pumpkin. And from there, Pattan is believed to start a new civilization. 

This myth about the flood is described by the Irula natives who live in the Sahyadri Mountains’ foothills. They consider that they’re the children of Pattan.

World Legend Story From China: The Great Race (Story of the Chinese Zodiac)


World Legend Story From China

This world legend story describes how the calendar in China was created. A lunar calendar in China is mainly based on the moon’s movements — so every month is 1 full moon cycle. Also, the calendar comes with a 12-year cycle where each year is named after different animals. 

Well, there are various versions of this zodiac legend, however, in this legend tale, the Jade Emperor, among the Chinese gods, understood that without a proper calendar, individuals had problems keeping time track.

So, he determined to form a calendar and named each year after an animal. And to decide which animal will be foremost, he even held a race between the animals. The animals had to cross a big river. And the first animal to cross the big river was the winner.

The Chinese acknowledge that the human character resembles the particular animal of one’s birth year.



For the general development of the child and the formation of a worldview, read these myths and legends to your child. These are the works that have been tested for centuries, even millennia.

This collection contains unique myths of ancient Greece, Europe, and other countries, which were written by people who knew nature and everything that happens around them from the point of view of philosophy and self-awareness.

Scientific discoveries were only in their infancy at that time and were more of the nature of theory and reasoning. But that’s what makes these legends so unique.

They vividly and emotionally allow you to learn the basics of important human virtues, such as kindness, philanthropy, harmony, and so on.

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